As seen on TV

As well being a fully working dairy farm Penyrallt has been used a film location on many occasions.

In 1993 a full length Welsh/English language feature film ‘Tan ar y Comin’ (English title ‘A Christmas Reunion’) starring Edward Woodward & James Coburn & directed by David Hemmings was filmed here over the summer months. (Saban & Y Wennol )

A Basque/Welsh film was shot here in 1999, ‘A Two Way Journey’. (Solo Spot Produciones)

Between 1996 and 1999 a Welsh language drama series ‘Y Palmant Aur’ (Pavements of Gold) was filmed here with the cast & crew returning every few months over the four year period. (S4C)

In 2007 two Welsh language television programmes were filmed here for S4C. The first was ‘Y Ty Cymraeg’ presented by Dr. Greg Stevenson & Aled Samuels which was a documantary series about Welsh vernacular architecture with our 17th century farmhouse being shown as a typical example of a Carmarthenshire farmhouse. The second was ‘Cwpwrdd Dillad’ which was a show case for the Welsh fashion designer Marc Adams.

2011 saw us hosting the Welsh stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert for an episode in the second of his ‘Work Experience’ series, in which he tried his hand at farming, with mixed results and much hilarity!

In 2012 an episode of ‘Mud Men’ for the History Channel was filmed here with Johnny Vaughan & Steve Brooker.

In 2018 we were involved in filming a project with Oxford Scientific Films for the BBC, called 'The Secret Life of Farm Animals'. A small film crew visited the farm every few weeks to record the seasonal changes and progress of the animals on the farm. It was in three episodes and was first broadcast on BBC4 in December 2018 and has since been repeated on BBC1 in 2019.The narration was done by the Welsh comedian Elis James.


Visits to the farm by school groups, individuals and any interested other parties can be arranged at no charge.

Please contact us for further information on farm visits or use as a film location

.Tel; 01559 370341