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History . . .

The history of Penyrallt Home Farm goes back a long way.

In 1695 we know that the farm was owned by one
Nathan Griffiths who was a major land-owner in the area. At that time the farm was known as Penyrallt Fadog.

The main farmhouse certainly dates from the 17th century and probably much earlier.

The handsome farm buildings, which form the main yard, were built in the middle of the 19th century by Arthur Howell-Jones who bought the farm because his ancestors had lived here in the 18th century. There is a story that he was the first Welshman to go to agricultural college, in Edinburgh and when he came to Penyrallt he built what were for the time, very modern and spacious buildings which are now listed buildings with Cadw, the Welsh equivalent of English Heritage. He is also credited with being the first farmer to make silage in the area in about 1880.

The name of the farm was changed to Penyrallt Home Farm when a large gentleman's residence was built by Arthur Howell Jones in 1868 which he called Penyrallt Fadog. .





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